Saturday Endurance
Warm up
800m jog
20 Alternating v ups
10 Hanging shoulder shrugs
20 Air squats
5 Pull ups or ring rows
10 Push ups
5+5 Dumbbell hang clean and jerk, light weight
5 chest to bars or 5 pullups

Set up and prepare for metcon

For time, time cap 35-40 min
800m run
40 Pull ups
80/60 cal row
40 Alternating dumbbell hang clean and jerk 22,5/15kg
80/60 cal row
40 Chest to bars

L1: Chest to bars, bar muscle ups, trade second row for assault bike 60/40cal
L2: –
L3: 60 Jumping chest to bars, 15/10kg DB, 60 jumping pull ups
L4: 40 ring row, 30 DB C&J 15/10kg, 60 ring row