Saturday Squat/OLY 
Warm up
3 Rounds:
100m run
15m Banded lateral side step (Each Way)
15m Banded monster walk (Forward/Backward)
15 Banded air squats
10 Push press (empty bar)

Behind the neck jerk
Build up to 70-80% of your normal jerk
Then do 10-15 reps on that weight, all singles
Aim for speed under the bar and stability in the split

AMRAP 14 min
7 Clean & split jerks
7 Front squats
7 Handstand push ups

L1: 75/50kg
L2: 60/43kg
L3: 50/35kg, 2 HSPU + 5 push ups
L4: 30/20-40/30kg, 7 push ups