Saturday Squat/OLY
Warm up
6 min amrap
40 High knees
40 Mountain climbers
20 Scapula push ups
30 air squats
30 plate jumps

Paused front squat 7 sets with 2 reps (3sec pause at the bottom))
Use the same weight for all 7 sets of 2.
Rest 90 sec between sets
Pick a challenging weight

Then warm up on metcon movements for 5 min

16 min AMRAP
4 Chest to bars
8 Handstand push ups
16 Dumbbell snatches 22,5/15kg

L1: 4 Bar muscle ups
L3: 4 Pull ups, 2 hspu+6 push usp, 15/10kg
L4: Jumping chest to bars, 8 push ups, 10/7kg DB or KB