Tuesday Endurance
Warm up
3 rounds:
10+10 DB or Bodyweight single keg RDL
10 Inchworms
20 Air squats
30sec Hollow hold
5+4+3 Jumping pullups, kipping, strict
Prepare for metcon
Hero wod “Bulger” TC 35min
10 rounds for time
150 m run
7 Chest to bar
7 Front squats 61/43kg (from floor)
7 Handstand push ups
L1: –
L2: Pull ups, 43/30kg, 4 handstand push ups
L3: Banded pull ups OR Ring row, 30/20kg, Push ups
Team option:
L1T: In teams of 2, both run together, alternating the movements every round
L2T: As L1T, regular pull ups, 43/30kg, HSPU from box
L3T: As L1T, banded pull ups OR ring row, 30/20kg, push ups