Team of 3
A. For time
3 rounds of
750m row, share anyhow
15 sync toes to bars (2 athletes)
50 sync air squats, stand in a line facing the window (3 athletes)
Rest 5 min then

B. For time, share anyhow
9 Rope climbs (3 each)
40 DB Bench press
40 DB Thruster
6 Rope climbs (2 each)
30 DB Bench press
30 DB Thruster
3 Rope climbs (1 each)
20 DB Bench press
20 DB Thruster

L1: A: with a weightwest. B: 2×22,5/15kg, legless rope climbs
L2: 2×22,5/15kg
L3: 2×15/10kg, 6-4-2 rope climbs share anyhow
L4: 2×10/6kg DB or KB, hanging knee raises, jump up and hold 5 sec in rope