Warm up 10min
Tabata x 2 sets each of:
(20 seconds work followed by 10 seconds rest = 1 set)
Single-arm plank
Alternating lateral Lunges
Side plank
Air squats
Hollow hold or rock
Plank shoulder taps
Bear crawl
Frog jumps
Wall climbs


Lunges with barbell

Divide the group in 4 teams. Every team should be able to go 5m with a barbell.

Take 10-15 min and build up to a daily heavy 5m walking lunge with the barbell in frontrack.

Clean up the weight or use racks or build up “racks” with boxes.


2 rounds for time

21 burpees to target

7 Thrusters

15 Pull ups

7 Thrusters

9 Handstand push ups

7 Thrusters

L1: CTB, Strict hspu, 43/30kg

L2: 43/30kg

L3: 20 Jumping ctb, box hspu, 30/20kg

L4: 20 Jumping pull ups, push ups, kettle bell swings