Midline stability (Warm up)

Every 4-5 min for 8-10 min (2 sets)

10-20 sec front level
10 Alternating v-ups
10 Push ups to open up (Hollow body position)
ASAP Dead hang to L-sit (ASAP=As many as possible)

10+10 Side up (side jackknife)

20 sec Flutter kicks

1-10 Diamond push up


Show flow of metcon and standards of reps in the different levels. Let everyone pick a lane before metcon.


Min 0-20

45 Handstand Push-ups
100 Air Squats
7 Rope Climb
30 Handstand Push-ups
7 Rope Climb
100 Air Squats
15 Handstand Push-ups

Min 20-30 rest

Min 30-45

2-4-6 Kettlebell Get Up (Turkish get up)
2-4-6 repetitions of the complex
3-6-9 meter handstand walk

L1: 20/10cam deficit hspu, 32/24kg KB, Complex: 1 Bar pull over+ 1 T2B+ 1 CTB + 1BMU, hswalk unbroken
L2: Strict hspu, 24/16kg, Complex: 1 pull up + 1 T2B + 1 CTB, hs walk can be divided
L3: Kipping hspu, 20/12kg Complex: 1 burpee + 1 pull up +1 hanging knee raises, hs walk can be divided
L4: Box hspu, 15/10kg, Complex: 1 Burpee to target + 3 hanging knee raises, crab walk
L5: Push ups,  10/5kg, Complex: 1 Burpee to target + 1 hanging knee raise, bear crawl