Warm up 10min
Tabata x 2 sets each of:
(20 seconds work followed by 10 seconds rest = 1 set)
Single-arm plank
Alternating lateral Lunges
Side plank
Air squats
Hollow hold or rock
Plank shoulder taps
Bear crawl
Frog jumps
Wall climbs

Clean and jerk

Show movement, practice movement then work up to starting weight for metcon

Team workout
20 rounds for time
10 rounds each, alternating rounds

Pull ups
Clean and jerks
Double unders

L1: 3 BMU, 5 C&J 70/50kg, 30 DU
L2: 3 CTB, 5 C&J 50/35kg, 20 DU
L3: 3 Pull ups, 5 C&J 40/30kg, 10 DU
L4: 3 jumping chest to bars, 6 DB C&J, 30 singel unders