Lunges with barbell

Divide the group in 4 teams. Every team should be able to go 10m with a barbell.

Take 10-15 min and build up to a daily heavy 10m walking lunge with the barbell in frontrack.

Clean up the weight or use racks or build up “racks” with boxes.

EMOM 20min

6 Burpees

L1: 4 Chest to bars, squat clean+front squat 60/43,5kg
L2: 4 Pull ups, 1 clean anyhow 50/35kg
L3: 1 pull ups, 1 clean anyhow 40/30kg
L4:  4 Jumping pull ups, 1 medball clean

If you can’t hold onto pace, take a minute break then start again. Still to hard, lower the burpees with 3.