As a part of warm up

Every 4 min for 8 min (2 sets)

-10 sec front level
-10 alternating v-ups
-8 v-ups
-6 straddle v-ups
-4 russian v-ups
-10 hollow rock

Take 10 min and work up to a deadlift weight that is heavier than what you going to use in the workout.

4 rounds TC 30min

-10 Deadlift 100/70kg
-25 toes to bar
-10 Dumbbell thrusters 2×22,5/15kg
-100 Double unders

L1: 130/90kg
L2: RX
L3: 80/50kg, 10 toes to bar, 15/10kg DB, 50 Double unders
L4: 60/40kg, 15 Hanging knee raises, 10 wallballs 6/4kg, 100 single unders