Muscle up
– Spend 1-2 min on each movement, total time, not working time.
– Ring swings
– Ring kips hips halfway to rings
– Swings and kip hips to rings
– Transitions in high rings and low rings with feet on ground

Work up to snatch weight before metcon, then reload to deadlift and do some lifts before start.

For or time, TC 17 min

– Run 800m OR row 1200/1000m
– 40 Deadlifts 80/55kg
– 30 Chest to bar pull ups
– 20 Power snatch 50/35kg
– 10 Ring muscle ups

L1: –
L2: RX
L3: 60/40kg deadlift, Pull ups, 40/30kg snatch, 10 kip hip to rings
L4: 40/30kg deadlift, 10 kips in rings, DB snatch 10/15kg, ring rows