Mini competition
Post your score on the whiteboard
Prep accordingly for the entire workout

Metcon TOT time 32min
In teams of two
5 min AMRAP:

Athlete 1: Rowing for Calories OR assault bike for cals
Athlete 2: Deadlift hold 70/50kg

*every time the bar hits the floor, switch
*score= total cal on rower

When this ends the complex begins

In 15 min

Find your 1 rep max for Complex
– 1 Hang Clean+1 Full Clean+1 Jerk

*score= Add kg from both max lifts
When complex ends the last amrap begins

12min AMRAP

A1: Weighted shuttle run 15m with 15/10kg plate
– 12 Pull-ups Scale to jumping pull ups
– 24 Wallballs 9/6kg
– 36 Double unders Scale to lesser double unders OR 72 single unders

*Switch how you like between shuttle run and amrap
*score= Two scores, rounds from shuttle run and reps from AMRAP.

Keep track of and rounds and reps!