Strength 15 min

Snatch complex (11 lifts)

1 Snatch from High Hang (Hip)

1 Snatch from Low Hang (Knee)

1 Snatch from Floor

Start with only bar and do one lift every 90 sec. Add weight if you succeed in the lift, fail and you stay at same weight or remove some. You can squat or power snatch.

Lift at minute: 0-1:30-3-4:30-6-7:30-9-10:30-12-13:30-15


4 Rounds (each round is 2 min work/2 min rest) (TOT 14min)

250/200 meters on rower

5 Snatches 50/38kg

As many Double unders as possible in remaining time.

Level 1: 60/43kg squat snatch

Level 2: RX

Level 3: 35/25kg, single unders, row distance 200/150

Level 4: Power cleans 30/20kg, single unders, row distance 150/100