Skill 5-10 min

4 rounds of

Strict toes to bar, do as many as you can each round, without any kipping movement

Scale to Hanging knee raises, without any kipping movement.

Strenght 20 min

Back Squat 4 sets of 1 rep.

As heavy as you can

Take 10-15 min to work up to that load and then do 4 sets. Take 1-2 min rest between lifts

Practice kipping movement when resting. Just a couple of swings.


AMRAP in 8min

7 Front squats 55/40kg

9 Deadlifts 55/40kg

12 Toes to Bar

Level 1: 70/50kg

Level 2: RX

Level 3: 40/30kg, Hanging knee raises

Level 4: 16kg Goblet squats, 2*16kg KB Deadlifts, 24 AbmatSitups.