Strength 10 min
Continue warm up with squat cleans up to a heavy 1 rep in 10 min.
If you don’t have squat yet, do power cleans to a challenging weight.

Min 0-7

5 Rounds for time

8 Squat cleans 50/35kg

4 Burpees over bar (facing the bar)

Min 7-12


Min 12-19

5 Rounds for time

10 (5+5) Dumbbell push press 22/14kg

10 Toes to bar

Min 19-24


Min 24-29

30-20-10 reps of

Ab-mat sit ups

Split Squat Jumps  

You need to keep up speed to make it each round

Level 1: 60/50kg, 28/20kg KB or DB, 10/5kg plate at chest on split jump

Level 2: RX

Level 3:43/30kg, 16/12kg KB or DB, Hanging knee raises

Level 4: 30/20kg powerclean, 12/8kg KB or DB, 20 sec deadhang, airsquat instead of split squat jumps