Go through the movements, then build up to the power clean weight and do warm up reps on the other movements.


10 rounds of

First round Hollyman

Second round Nate

Third round Hollyman

And so on…

(5 rounds of each)

1 round of Hollyman is:
5 Wall ball shots 9/6kg
3 Handstand push-ups

1 Power clean 102kg/70kg

1 round of Nate is:

2 Ring muscle-ups
4 Handstand Push-ups
8 Kettlebell swings 32/24kg

L1: –

L2: RX

L3: 5 WB, 6 hand release (HR) push ups, 1 power clean 70/50kg, 4 chest to bar OR 8 pull ups,

8 HR push ups, 8 kb 24/16kg

L4: 5 WB 6/4kg, 6 push ups on knee, 1 power clean 43/30kg, 12 jumping pull ups, 8 push ups on knee, 8 kb 16/12kg