Skill 10 min

Handstands/Handstand Pushups


Take 10 -15 min to show and prepare metcon


3 Rounds 1 min on each of the 5 stations, max reps (15 min)


Hang Cleans 35/25kg

Slamball clean over shoulder15kg

Row for meters


Level 1: Handstand pushups, Hang squat cleans at 43/30kg,Slamball heavier item at your disposal

Level 2: RX

Level 3: Banded pushups, Hang cleans at 30/20kg, squat clean with medball 9/6kg

Level 4: Box push ups, Kettlebell swings 20/16kg, Clean with medball 9/6kg

Banded push ups: Rubberbands attached in rig and use around the torso