Take 5 min to set up for

E2MOTM 12 min (6 rounds)

2-4 Hang power snatch 50%RM (RM=1 REP MAX)

2-4 Benchpress at 75%RM

At the start of every 2 min do both movements, then rest


3 Rounds (Each round is 3 min AMRAP with 1min rest)

Each rounds starts with a 200 meter row.  In the remaining time, complete as many rounds of the following as possible:

10 Hang Power Snatches 43/30kg

20 Double Unders

Level 1: 52/38kg, 30 Double Unders

Level 2: RX

Level 3: 35/25kg, 5 double under attempts and 30 single unders

Level 4: 20/10kg, 20 Jumping jacks