Power Clean and Jerk
Build to Heavy Single

For Time:
30 Clean and Jerks (61/43kg)

We tackled the well known benchmark workout “Isabel” last Monday. Today, we take on a close relative, “Grace”. We will prepare for this workout by building to a heavy single power clean and jerk. Heavy is relative for the day and does not mean 1RM, although if athletes continue to move well as the weight increases, they can absolutely go for a personal best. We will go over the split jerk to be used in the heavy clean and jerk, while the push jerk will likely be the best option for the conditioning piece. Athletes should choose a weight on “Grace” that they are capable of completing 10+ unbroken clean and jerks when fresh. If athletes have previously completed the workout with a lighter weight and finished under 3 minutes, adding a little weight for this attempt would be appropriate.