Warm up: 1000m row increasing speed
For time:​1000m Row
20 Hand-release pushups
750m Row
30 Hand-release pushups
500m Row
40 Hand-release pushups
250m Row
50 Hand-release pushups


Clean and Jerk
Build to a Heavy Single

“Double Time”
50 Lateral Barbell Burpees
100 Double Unders
30 Clusters 52/36kg

Beginning the day by building to a “heavy” single on clean and jerk. Athletes have the option here to either power clean or squat clean and to push jerk or split jerk. For athletes with aspirations of competing in the open or local competitions, the squat clean and split jerk will likely be the best choice here. For athletes whose goals do not lie in competing in the sport, we will likely be competing a power clean and push jerk. Following the clean and jerk, going through a 10 minute burner. With the lateral barbell burpees, athletes do not have to stand to full extension on each repetition. A “cluster” is a combination of a squat clean and a thruster. The weight on the barbell here should be something that athletes are capable of completing at least 10 repetitions unbroken if needed.