”Come Clean”
24 Box Jump Overs (60/40cm)
18/12 Calorie row
Max Power Cleans 52/36kg

rest 3 minutes

21 Box Jump Overs
15/10 Calorie row
Max Power Cleans 61/43kg

rest 3 minutes

18 Box Jump Overs
12/9 Calorie row
Max Power Cleans 70/47kg

rest 3 minuten

15 Box Jump Overs
10/7 Calorie row
Max Power Cleans 83/61kg

Short and fast intervals today with equal rest between rounds. When athletes finish the row, they will complete as many power cleans as possible, which is their score today. Each round is scored separately as total reps. As the repetitions drop with each round, the weight increases. These should all be weight that athletes are able to cycle when fresh. To get an idea of appropriate loading, athletes should be able to complete 20, 15, 10, and 5 repetitions unbroken respectively. The goal today is for every athletes to get to the barbell, so rep schemes can be adjusted as needed to make that happen. If short on equipment or space, stagger athletes on opposite three minute intervals. In this scenario, partners will have to assist is switching out weights after their round is finished.