Engine, lunch

Warm up: 500m – 20 KB Swing – 500m – 20 KB Swing
Teknik: 5 min Pick Drill banded for distance, dampersetting 1-3
Row: 4*500m w/ rubberband, 90s rest
Metcon: Team Tabata
Collect as many Cals as possible
Ski Erg
Assault Bike
20s work, 10s transition


Water Power”
60 Double Unders, 120 SU
30/21 Calorie Row
10 Power Snatches 52/36kg

In this triplet, looking for athletes to choose a weight on the barbell they are capable of completing unbroken when fresh. The goal here is to move for as much of the 15 minutes as possible, so picking a variation on the rope and a weight that allows athletes to keep moving forward will provide the correct stimulus.