”Ride or Die”
Teams of 3
200/150 Calorie Row
120 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
60 Clean and Jerks (52/36kgRX), 34/24kg
50 Clean and Jerks (61/43kg), 43/29kg
40 Clean and Jerks (70/47kg) 47/34kg
30 Clean and Jerks (80/61kg) 52/37kg
20 Clean and Jerks (92/65kg) 61/43kg

In this workout, partners will see just how far they can get into the clean and jerks within the 25 minutes. Athletes will complete all the reps at one station before moving onto the next. The weights on the barbell are important. If we had to put a number on it, these are weights that athletes are capable of cycling for 15-12-9-6-3 repetitions respectively. If on the fence, going lighter will help preserve the intensity of this workout. Athletes will have one bar, changing weights out as needed. Weights should be stacked neatly out of the way until they need to be used during the workout. It is appropriate for teams to have multiple barbells to support athletes using different weights.