Overhead Squat
Heavy 3

followed by…

“Over and Out”
For Time:
20 Power Snatches 43/29kg
20 Lateral Barbell Burpees
20 Overhead Squats 43/29kg
20 Lateral Barbell Burpees
20 Squat Snatches 43/29kg

Two part workout today, building to a heavy set of 3 on overhead squat. These will come from the rack, prioritizing sound movement over load on the barbell. Taking the teaching points from the overhead squat and carrying them into the conditioning piece. Weight on the barbell should be something that athletes could complete in 1-2 sets if they had to. One weight on the bar today. The limiting factor will most likely be the squat snatches, so our weight will be determined by capacity at that movement. Burpees are lateral over the bar, with no need to stand to full extension before jumping over.