“Dirty 30”
For Time:
30 Box Jumps 60/40cm
30 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
30 Kettlebell Swings 24/16
30 Front Squats 52/36kg
30 Toes to Bar
30 Push Press 52/36kg
30 Deadlifts 52/36kg
30 Wall Balls 10/6kg
30 Burpees
30 Double Unders

Performing a scaled up version of the classic benchmark workout, “Filthy Fifty”. The weight on the barbell should be something that athletes could complete 20+ repetitions unbroken on each when fresh. With 10 different movements in this workout, movement substitutions for certain movement included in the “Teaching” section. The total reps of this workout can be modified on top of modified certain movements.