2017 Regional Event 1

For time, wearing a 10 / 7kg weight vest:
1,200-m run
Then, 12 rounds of:
4 handstand push-ups
8 chest-to-bar pull-ups
12 squats

– – –
Scaling this WOD:
Reduce reps, rounds, and loads to allow for most sets to be completed unbroken. Aim to finish in 25mins or less.

– – –

For time:
800-m run
Then, 9 rounds of:
4 pike push-ups
8 chest-to-ring rows
12 squats

Try to finish the 800-m run in under 6-minutes or consider reducing the distance further. You can adjust the difficulty of the pike push-ups by changing the position of your hips. The more vertical your body is, the harder the movement becomes. Similarly, you can adjust the difficulty of the ring-rows. Walking your feet backward and creating a more vertical body position will make the movement easier.