Warm up

5 rounds for time of:
102/70kg clean and jerks, 4 reps (decrease load, high intensety)
6 bar muscle-ups
12 m handstand walk

5 rounds for time of:
52/34 kg clean and jerks, 4 reps
6 chest to bar pull-ups
6 bar dips
12 m bear crawl


The loads have been reduced to allow a focus on mechanics. The muscle-up has been changed to develop upper body pulling and pushing strength. The handstand walk has been changed to get comfortable with the head being lower than the hips and work on shoulder strength. Ensure full hip extension in both the clean and the jerk by squeezing the glutes before receiving the bar on the shoulders with the elbows high or overhead with the arms straight. If chest to bar pull-ups and/or bar dips are not yet possible without assistance, use a band that allows them to be done in no more than two sets. During the bear crawls actively push into the floor with the hands and strive to keep the legs and arms straight. The higher the hips, the more demand on the shoulders.