Dynamic warm up!

Movement Primer:
On the Minute x 5 (empty barbell or light load, not to exceed 25%)
Snatch Pull + Hang Power Snatch + Snatch Balance + High Hang Squat Snatch
1 Set of 3 – 60%
1 Set of 3 – 70%
1 Set of 3 – 75%
3 Sets of 3 – 80%


EMOM for as Long as Possible
7 Thrusters 34/25kg
7 Pull-Ups
7 Burpees
With a running clock complete one round at the start of the first minute. Rest until 2:00 and then start another round each minute on the minute (EMOM). Repeat until unable to complete a full round in under one minute. Score is number of full rounds completed, plus number of reps completed in the last round.