Snatch night

Dynamic warm up

1. OHS Complex
Performed with an empty barbell; two sets of five reps in the three different versions. These are: (1) down slow, up fast, without pause in the bottom position; (2) down slow, up fast but with a three second pause in the top- and bottom position; (3) 1,5’s. No pause in the bottom position but a pause in the top between reps.

2. Snatch warm-up f. the ground
Two sets of three reps in A, B, C, D, E. Be sure to use a large plate, and not the small metal plates, to get the right distance from the floor. Three seconds pause in the catch position in C, D.
A. Snatch Pulls.
B. Muscle Snatch.
C. Power Snatch.
D. Deep Power Snatch.
E. Snatch with a three second pause in the bottom position.

3. Power snatch + hang snatch + overhead squats
3.1 Establish a daily max in this complex.
You are only allowed to drop the bar to the ground after finishing the overhead squat.
3.2 Drop down to 60% and do the following workout: ten snatches, ten hang snatches and ten overhead squats. Then do it again with nine reps, eight reps, etc. You can drop the bar as much as you want.

Peace ✌🏼️ CJ😎