Dynamic Warm up


1: 5 Rounds – “Bear Complex”: Every 4 minutes, perform 7 unbroken cycles of:

1x clean

1x front squat

1x push press

1x back squat

1x push press behind the neck

*You can link the movements together to perform a squat clean + thruster + back squat + thruster, but you must perform the 7 cycles without letting the barbell rest on the ground. Resting in the back rack, hang, front rack position are all acceptable. Work up to a max in the 5 rounds.

Work Capacity: Complete 5 rounds for time of:

-15x toes to bar

-10x deadlifts 70/45kg

*Kicker = At the top of every minute, stop what you are doing and perform 15x double unders.

*12 minute time cap

The unbroken Wod

AMRAP 15 min

5 unbroken Wall ball

Bear crawl to the bar 🙂

5 Pull ups

10 unbroken Wall ball

Bear crawlto the bar

5 Pull ups

15 unbroken Wall ball……. BROKEN WALL BALL 5 BURPEES PENALTY 😎


Peace CE & CJ