OPERATION: Tropic Thunder


Approximately 2 hours ago, the local National Forest Ranger Station reported that two hikers witnessed a major landslide that caused complete collapse of a mineshaft trapping a group of youths. The hikers said that the youths had gone into the abandoned mines entrance with flashlights and lanterns about an hour before the landslide. The hikers also stated that the shafts entrance was completely shut off with a large amount of rocks, including very heavy boulders.

The mine is located in a steep rugged area that must be hiked into. The mine entrance is located above an extremely steep rock face that must be climbed to gain access.

The shaft of the mine goes back approximately 10 meters to where it is permanently sealed. The extent of the damage within the mine is unknown. It is assumed that there are injuries.


Load up a heavy rescue truck with the confined space rescue and rope rescue equipment. Drive to trail head and carry equipment to the rock face. Rig ropes to climb rock face in order to get to flat area in front of mine entrance. Remove enough of the rocks to gain access to the shaft and locate and bring out trapped youths.

Phase I – Hike to Rock Face

Carry rescue equipment to rock face, approximately 1 mile.

Phase II – Move Rescuers and Equipment to Mine Shaft

Rig ropes and climb to top of 30′ rock wall, then pull up rescue equipment.

Phase III – Gain Access to Mine Shaft and Locate Victims

Lift and remove rocks and boulders from mine shaft entrance. Locate youths and provide medical aid prior to moving down rock wall.

Phase IV – Transport Victims to Ambulance.

Secure injured victims to litter and lower down wall prior to two-person-carrying to waiting ambulance at trail head.

Phase I

1 Mile Sandbag and Kettlebells carry
6 Rope climb

Phase II

5 Rounds of:

10 Burpee-thruster
20 Alternately sandbag push up
30 Rotational Sandbag Lunge
Phase III

Lift to waist, a sum of 6000 kg

100 @ 60kg (example)
120 @ 50 (example)
300 @ 20 (example, sandbag)

Phase IV

400 body carry

Phase V

Prepare for the unknown….

Peace 😎 CJ and CE