Sunday Gymnastic/midline
Warm up
3 rounds or 10 min
10+10 Big arm circles (Forward/Backward)
5 Push ups to downward dog pose
20 Alt single leg RDL with kettle bell
10 Goblet squat

Skill/Strength 10min
HSPU Practice
Pick movements and practice, but save some for later
Bar Push Ups
Seated DB Press
Wall Walks
Handstand Holds
Pike Push Ups
Box Handstand Push Ups
Strict HSPU
Kipping HSPU
Deficit HSPU

3 rounds
Every 10 min complete
400m run OR 500m row
40 Wallballs 9/6kg
30 Dumbbell power cleans 2×22,5/15kg
20 Handstand push ups
50 Double unders
*Break and rest at minute 9

L1: Hs walk 3m into handstand push ups, Strict HSPU, 100 DU
L3: 2×15/10kg, 10 HSPU, 25 DU
L4: 6/4kg WB, 1×15/10kg DB,