Wednesday Herowod
Warm up
4 min amrap
5 down and ups
20 plate jumps
2x10m run
Continue warming up for the specific movements while setting up for metcon

Iron Triathlon
1-2-3-4…20 reps of
Deadlift 1.5xBW
Bench Press 1xBW
Squat Clean 0.75xBW
*This is a looong workout if done RX, +90min, if sessions is 60 min do Linda instead
*You could also use the regional standard weights for Linda 134/100kg Deadlift, 88,5/61kg Bench, 66/47,5kg squat cleans

L3: Do Linda 10-9-8..1
L4: Do Linda 10-9-8..1 70/45kg-43/30kg-40/30kg