Monday Squat/Oly
Warm up
3 rounds or 10 min
10+10 Big arm circles (Forward/Backward)
5 Push ups to downward dog pose
20 Alt single leg RDL with kettle bell
10 Air squats
10 Goblet squats
20 plate jumps

5 sets with 3 reps at 85%RM
Make these squats as deep as you can, imagine receiving a heavy weight in the bottom of a squat clean, that is often deeper than a regular frontsquat, that is how deep you should go here.

For time, TC 13 min
21 Thrusters 40/30kg
21 Burpee pullups
15 Thrusters 50/35kg
15 Burpee pullups
9 Thrusters 60/43kg
9 Burpee pullups

L1: 50/35-60/43-70/47,5kg
L3: 40/30kg on all
L4: 30/20kg on all, burpee to target