Today’s workout is a tribute to the second CrossFit games held in 2008. They are all programmed as then and in the correct order. The only exception is the run, which was a hill run in Aromas of 800-1000m, it says 750meters if you look it up but according to reliable sources it was a little bit longer. I have changed that to a plain longer run instead, but it will mimic the overall times quite well.
After two days and four event Jason Khalipa and Caity Matter stood on top of the podium as champs. Jason did podium several more times until his last games in 2015. Caity started Rogue fitness with her husband and did not compete more after her win. They won glory, title of the fittest and 1500 dollar each. That year Jason won the entire games only working out 13:17 minutes, Caity had 19:10 minutes.

The 2008 games were special, that was the only year so far in the format of every second counts. The athletes total accumulated time during the events leading up to the last event determined the starting order. So, the one with the least total time in the first 3 events started the last event. Then the rest followed by order of their total time. That meant that the one that first finished the last event was that years Champion. Its fun to see it all now, google it, and look, it’s not what we are used to see nowadays.

Prepare for metcon, set up everything and pick a lane to do your work

Warm up suggestion
3 rounds or 10 min
20 Air squats
30 sec Samson stretch, both legs
20 Jumping jacks
20 Banded pull apart
10 Hanging scapula shrugs
20 sec lats/hamstrings stretch, hands on wall
10 Banded RDL

Games 2008, every second counts
Note your times on all workouts, least total time will start event 4 first.
On a running clock
Minute 0-15 min
Event 1
Fran, chest to bar
21-15-9 reps for time of
Thrusters 43/29kg
Pull-ups, chest to bars
Minute 15-30
Event 2
5 rounds for time of
5 Deadlifts 125/84kg
10 Burpees, regular
Minute 30-45
Event 3
1200m run
Minute 45
Event 4
For time
30 Squat Clean and Jerks 70/45kg (Clusters is ok)
*Every event is time caped at 10 min, that means that your score (time) is 10minutes + the remaining reps counting in seconds.
*Event 4 is time caped 10 min from the last athletes starting time

EX: The fastest total time in the first 3 events is 12:25 min That is now “Zero” the starting point. Next athlete has 12:55, so that person will start 30 sec after, and the rest will follow depending on their total times. So, the first person starts at min 45, the next on 45:30.
The first athlete to finish event 4 is the winner

L1: –
L2: –
For the next levels: Never mind counting the minutes and seconds, just start every workout at set times and time cap it at 10 minutes, add scaling
L3: Regular pullups, 100/70 deadlifts, 800m run, 50/35 squat cleans and jerks
L4: Jumping chest to bars, 30/20kg Thrusters, 80/55kg Deadlifts, 800m run, 40/30kg squat cleans jerks