Warm up
10 min amrap
2min Row or run
10+10m Banded lateral side step (R/L)
10+10m Banded monster walk (Forward/Backward)
15 Banded Air squats
30 sec Handstand hold

Work up to a daily heavy front squat in 20 min

1600m run
Rest 2 min
50 Pull ups
Rest 2 min
30 Front squats, from ground
*Every rep of front squat starts with standing tall, squat clean does not count as a rep

L1: Chest to bars, 90/60kg Front squats
L2: 60/43kg Front squats
L3: 25 pull ups, 40/30kg Front squats
L4: 10 pull ups OR 50 jumping chest to bars, 50 reps of 6/4kg wallballs