Tuesday Strength, Squat/Oly
Warm up
3 rounds or 10 min
10+10 Big arm circles (Forward/Backward)
5 Push ups to downward dog pose
20 Alt single leg RDL with kettle bell
10 Goblet squat

Take 15 min to work up to a heavy deadlift for the day

Finisher, “The Butt Buster”
Bulgarian split squats
Use 2×10/7kg dumbbells or kettlebells
Hold DB or KB as in farmers walk
1 set is a complex on each leg of
8 reps with 2 DB
+8 reps with 1 DB
+8 reps without DB
*On every 8 rep, stay in bottom position for 8 sec then drop one of the weights and continue

7 rounds for time, TC 14min
3 Chest to bars
4 Deadlift 90/65kg
5 Burpee box jump overs

L1: 6 chest to bars, 120/80kg
L3: 3 Pull ups, 60/43kg
L4: 12 Jumping chest to bars, 50/35kg