Warm up
Run 400m
Then 3 rounds OR 8 min of
10 Air squats
30 sec Samson stretch, both legs
20 Jumping jacks
20 Banded pull apart
10 Hanging scapula shrugs
20 sec lats/hamstrings stretch, hands on wall
5+5 Kettle bell press

Complex 20 min
1 Power snatch
2 squat snatches
2 overhead squats
*no resting the bar on floor
* no re-gripping the bar on the floor

3 rounds, one round every 12 minutes
25/20 cal row OR 200m run
30 Burpees to target
25 Toes to bars
20m Front rack kettlebell walking lunges 2×24/16kg
*Rest until next 12 min starts

Start in 2 waves 4 min apart, that way all should be able to use 2 kettle bells
L1: 30 T2B, Start every new set of toes to bars with 1 bar muscle up
L2: –
L3: 10 toes to bars+15 hanging knee raises, use 2×22,5/15kg dumbbells for walking lunges
L4: 25 hanging knee raises, 16/12kg KB for lunges