Wednesday Endurance
Warm up
3 rounds OR 10 min
30 sec Samson stretch, both legs
20 Jumping jacks
20 Banded pull apart
10 Hanging scapula shrugs
20 sec lats/hamstrings stretch, hands on wall
1-5 strict pull ups

Muscle up practice, alternate as you like between these movements
Swing and jump bar muscle ups, low bar feet on ground
Kipp hip to bar
Lat pulldown on foam roller, low bar (
Bar muscle ups
*Jump in to the bar, meaning standing slightly behind the bar, not under.
*When you kip back behind the bar the body should do this: feet up, knees up, pop the hips up in to the bar, pull with arms, do a “sit ups”

For time, TC 25-30 min
1000m row OR 800m run
Into 5 rounds of
30 Wallballs 9/6kg
12 pullups
1000m row OR 800m run

L1: 6 Bar muscle ups
L3: 1500m row x2, 3 rounds 30 WB and 4 pull ups
L4: 1500m row x2, 2 rounds 30 WB 6/4kg and 12 jumping chest to bars