Wednesday Strength, Squat/Oly
Warm up
2 rounds of
20 Air squats
30 sec Samson stretch, both legs
20 Jumping jacks
20 Banded pull apart
10 Hanging scapula shrugs
20 sec lats/hamstrings stretch, hands on wall
10 Banded RDL

Take 10 min to work on movements and build up in weight

30 rounds of
3 Deadlift
2 Power cleans
1 Shoulder to overhead
*Rounds 1-10 is EMOM
*Rounds 11-20 is every 50 sec
*Rounds 21-25 is every 40 sec
*Rounds 26-30 is for time
Same weight during all rounds

L1: 75/50kg touch n go
L2: 55/37,5kg touch n go
L3: 43/30kg
L4: 35/25kg