Friday Team
Warm up
3 rounds of
20 Air squats
30 sec Samson stretch, both legs
20 Jumping jacks
20 Banded pull apart
10 Hanging scapula shrugs
20 sec lats/hamstrings stretch, hands on wall
10 Banded RDL

Team of 3, share anyhow
For time, TC 60min
200/150 Calorie assault bike
150 strict pullups
100 burpee chest to bar
200/150 Calorie row
50 Rope climbs
100 squat clean thrusters

Mixed pair: 170-180

L1: 30 peg boards instead of strict pull ups, 75 burpee to bar muscle ups, standing rope climbs and head over beam (no jumping up), 75/50kg
L2: 50/35kg
L3: Regular pullups, Burpee to pull ups, ground to stand rope climb, 40/30kg
L4: 100 ring row, burpees to target, 30 jump up and hold for 3 sec rope climbs, 30/20kg squat cleans