Monday Gymnastic/midline
Warm up
3 Rounds of
90 sec easy row
50 Single unders
15+15m Banded lateral side step
15+15m Banded monster walk (Forward/Backward)
15 Hanging shoulder shrugs
10 handstand shoulder shrugs
Warm up to squat clean weight

5 rounds, TC 30 min
250/225m row
5 Squat cleans
10 Handstand push ups
15 Toes to bars
30 Double Unders

L1: 80/55kg, facing the wall HSPU+ hs walk 1,5m when finishing the last rep
L2: 60/43kg
L3: 40/30kg, 3 HSPU, 5 T2B + 10 hanging knee raises, 10 DU
L4: 30/20 power cleans, 10 push ups, 15 ab-mat sit ups, 100 single unders