Warm up
3 Rounds
100m jogg
15m Banded lateral side step (each way)
15 Banded air squats
10 Pass throughs with stick
2 rounds with 3-5 reps on each movement, with an empty barbell
Snatch grip deadlift
Snatch high pull
Muscle snatch
Power snatch
Overhead squat
Hang squat snatch
Squat snatch

Every 2 min for 16 min (8 sets)
1 Hang squat snatch
+1 squat snatch
Build up in weight
*It ok to do more reps the first 1-4 rounds

10 rounds TC 18 min
7 Hang squat snatches 35/25kg
14 Wallballs 9/6kg

L1: 40/30kg
L2: –
L3: Power snatch
L4: Power snatch 20/15kg, 6/4kg WB