Monday Gymnastic/midline

Warm up
5-8 min 
20 Plate hops or 40 Jumping jacks 
20 Banded pull aparts 
2 Wall walks 
1 Jump up and hold 3-5 sec in rope 
30sec lats stretch
10-15 sec press down on low bar (hold out arms and place palms on a low pull up bar, or something equal, and press down)
30 sec Samson stretch

Toes to bar
Begin with tucked front lever, hanging from the bar. In doing this we activate the right muscles for the kipping movement, especially going backwards behind the bar in the kipp.
Do this once, only working 10-15 sec at every step. Everybody does all steps. When this is done all can pick a movement to work on

1 Deadhang and lift knees to tuck, no kip
2 Jump to deadhang
3 Jump to deadhang, kip back and forth then stop in deadhang
4 Jump to deadhang, kip and pull knees up (hanging knee raises)
5 Jump to deadhang, kip, pull knees up and kick feet forward, maintain the kipping movement
6 Jump to deadhang, kip, pull knees up, kick feet upwards
7 Jump to deadhang, kip, pull knees up, kick to bar
Always pull up knees and kick when the body is behind the bar

Calorie row
Burpees over rower, lateral
Toes to bars

L1: 2/1 Bar muscle ups every time you jump up to do toes to bars
L2: –
L3: 12-9-6-3 on toes to bars, handrelease burpees
L4: 21-15-9-3 on row and burpees, 35-30-25-20 ab-mat situps