Saturday Endurance Gymnastic/midline
Warm up
3 rounds
90sec run/row/Assault bike/ski erg
5/3 Strict pull ups, use band if needed
15 Hip bridges
30sec Handstand hold

Kipping pull ups practice
Do each step 4-5 times
1 Jump to deadhang
2 Jump to deadhang, kip back and forth then stop in deadhang
3 Jump to deadhang, kip with control for 10 sec
4 Jump to deadhang, kip and pull yourself up towards the bar when your body is behind the bar, then drop down.
5 Same as 4 but now push yourself from the bar then drop down
6 Same as 5 but when pushing hold on to the bar and go for the next kip and pull up.
Pull yourself backwards in every swing, do not just hang in the bar.

Practice some pull overs as a bonus for a couple of minutes

20 rounds TC 30 min
15/12 cal row

L1: 10 burpees
L2: 6 burpees
L3: 12/10 cal, 6 burpees
L4: 10/7 cal, 4 burpess