Tuesday Gymnastic/midline
Warm up
2 rounds
30 sec hanging shoulder shrugs
30 sec Side plank hold
30 sec Flutter kicks
30 sec Side plank hold
30 sec Flutter kicks
30 sec wall handstand
Rest 1 min Between sets
*Try to do the flutter kick laying in hollow position

Practice handstandwalk 5 min, pick a movement
1 kick up to wall
2 Kick up, move one hand at a time up and down from the floor
2 kick up and walk 1-2 step to wall
3 kick up and walk 1m to wall
4 kick up and walk on the floor
Press hands and shoulders from the floor, tighten yourself as you do before a lift

L1: Walk 3m then hold handstand for time in a 1x1m space. If you succeed with hshold for more than 15sec, add an obstacle course, then add handstand for time.

Take 5-8 min to prepare for the metcon

4 sets (1 Set every 8 Minutes) TOT time 32 min
500m/400m row (OR 400m Run)
20 Front squat, from floor
500m/400m row (OR 400m Run)
Handstand Walk

L1: 70/47,5kg, 15m hs walk
L2: 55/37,5kg, 5m hs walk
L3: 43/30kg, 1-5 tries of hs walk into wall
L4: 30/20kg, 2xDB or KB overhead carry 15m