Monday Squat /Oly
Warm up
2 rounds with 3-5 reps on each movement, with an empty barbell
Snatch grip deadlift
Snatch high pull
Muscle snatch
Power snatch
Overhead squat
Hang squat snatch
Squat snatch

Build in weight for 12 min
1 Power snatch+
1 Heaving snatch balance+ (or overhead squat)
1 Squat snatch

10 rounds for max reps
Each round is 2 min
1 min of
5 Squat snatches
Then max double unders
1 min rest

L1: 65/45kg or higher
L2: 50/35kg
L3: 40/30kg squat or power
L4: 30/20kg power snatch, single unders