Tuesday Strength, Squat/Oly
Warm up
6-8 min amrap
10 Inchworms
20 Air squats
10 kips in bar
4+3 Knee raises+ttb
10 hip bridges
10 sec handstand hold

Take 10-15 min to warm up with barbell, building up for the first weight

For time 25-30min
30 Back squats
Toes to bars
10 Shoulder to overhead

30 Front squats
Toes to bars
20 Shoulder to overhead

30 Overhead squats
Toes to bars
30 Shoulder to overhead
*Barbell taken from ground
*Pick a start weight you can clean and the place in back squat position

L1: TTB: 30, 80/52,5kg-61/43kg-43/30kg
L2: TTB: 20, 61/43kg-43/30kg-30/20kg
L3: TTB: 10, 43/30kg-30/20kg-20-15kg
L4: TTB: 20 Hanging knee raises, 30/20kg-20/15kg-15/10kg