Monday Gymnastic/midline
Warm up
AMRAP for quality 6 min
20 High knees
20 Mountain climbers
10 Scapula push ups
10 air squats
10 plate jumps
4 strict pull ups

Set up and prepare for metcon

EMOM 30min
Min 1: Muscle ups
Min 2: 2-3 Squat cleans, touch n go
Min 3: 4 Handstand push ups
Min 4: Handstand walk

L1: 2-4 bar or ring MU pick the movement you need to work on, 70/47,5kg, strict hspu, 4m hs walk for speed or do a obstacle track
L2: 1-2 Bar muscle ups, 50/35kg, 1-3m hs walk
L3: 2 Chest to bars, 40/30kg, 4 negative hspu, hs walk in wall
L4: 2 strict pull ups or 4 ring row, 4 power clean 30/20kg, 4-6 Push ups, 30 sec handstand