Thursday Endurance
Warm up
4 min amrap
5 down and ups
20 plate jumps
2x10m run

Team of 3 TC 50min
Part 1
4 rounds
1: 400m run
2: 500/400m row
3: Rest
All 3 start on a station, then rotating when all are done.
Each row and run should take between 1:50-2:20, modify if it takes too long
(all 3 does 4 full rounds)
Rest 2 min
Part 2
Then one work two rest, mostly
100 Burpee to target sync in bottom position (all 3)
100m sealwalk (drag)
100 Push ups
Amrap Wallballs 9/6kg

L3: Part 2: 60 reps and 60 m, 6/4kg
L4: Part 2: 30 reps and 30m, 6/4kg